Treat Your Employees Fairly

Human Rights Day - 10 December


Employees’ level of satisfaction, commitment and trust increases when they perceive fairness in their organization. It is directly related to their engagement in their work and the company.

Key concepts for fairness, equality and employee engagement at your organization:


  • Freedom of expression 
    Employees should be free to believe in what they want and express their own opinions & ideas, so long as it’s not discriminatory or inflammatory.

  • Don’t discriminate 
    Age, religion, skin color, race, sex, nationality, social origin or other status should not matter at the workplace.

  • Equal rights for all 
    Treat employees fairly and in the same way.

  • Physical, emotional & mental well-being
    Employees should not feel threatened coming to work. It may be harassment from managers, colleagues or clients.

  • Work in favourable conditions 
    Employees have the right to have a clean, safe, healthy and comfortable workspace.

  • Fair company policies 
    Give employees equal opportunities and pay them accordingly.

  • Respect for personal time 
    Employees are entitled to rest from work and not respond to work duties outside their working hours.


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