Setting, Tracking (Measuring) and Achieving Stretch Goals

For people to feel engaged, they need to find purpose in what they are doing. Setting goals keeps the drive in them and stretch goals allows them to push themselves...

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Unity in Diversity: How to Consciously Encourage Diversity at Work

International Human Solidarity Day - 20 December

Solidarity binds people together as one. At the workplace, we don't choose who we work with - a workforce is made up...

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Bridging Cultural Divides: Managing A Team of Different Nationalities

International Migrants Day - 18 December

A multicultural team is becoming the new normal at the workplace. Yet interactions among cultures, while common, are also...

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Treat Your Employees Fairly

Human Rights Day - 10 December


Employees’ level of satisfaction, commitment and trust increases when they perceive fairness in their organization. It is directly...

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Digitizing HR for Industrial Revolution 4.0

On 26 November 2019, BrioHR was honored to participate in the SME CEO Forum themed "Industrial Revolution 4.0", bringing insights and smiles to a ballroom of SME...

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Celebrating Malaysian Student Key Opinion Leaders

BrioHR was proud to take part in the MonStar Awards 2019 on 16 November 2019. It is the first-ever award that recognizes Student Key Opinion Leaders across Malaysia.

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From Onboard to On Board

Finally found the ideal person for the position you’ve spent weeks even months looking for? What happens next is the most challenging part. Everything you do from...

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Should HR Get Involved If Some Employees Hate Each Other?

International Day for Tolerance - 16 November


Disagreements that happen between employees are practically inevitable. In fact, in today’s workplace, people actually...

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7 Steps to Implement an Effective Performance Management Environment

In today's modern workplace, performance management is rapidly evolving making it almost impossible for any company to neglect this process. Companies are shifting...

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A Culture of Lights: How to create a culture that promotes ideas, goodwill, and happiness

Known as the festival of lights and the biggest festival for the Hindu community, Diwali is celebrated by 6.3% (1.78 million) of the Malaysian population. The...

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